I wonder

Every time I hear the phrase “freedom isn’t free” repeated, I wonder why nobody ever seems to question it.

Not that I don’t think it’s true.  But since everything has a cost, and therefore nothing is really free, it puzzles me what the point is supposed to be.

You only hear it said in a certain context, in which it appears to mean something like, “In order to remain a free country, we periodically must send soldiers to remote parts of the world to kill people and break things, and to be killed and broken themselves in turn.”

Isn’t that what it means?  I could be missing something.

It looks like the underlying assumption in all this is that if we can somehow manage to kill the right people and break the right things, we can improve the overall situation.  All that is far from obvious to me, stupid as I may be.  In any case, “FIF” raises a whole lot of questions, and the first of many is:

What happens if all those brave and noble people “pay the price” for our freedom, and we still don’t get any?  Then what?


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