Easier than thinking

I’ve got to start paying less attention to the news. It’s bad for a person’s mental health.

Sometime when I was still in school, I had the notion that if I just stuck around long enough, things would start to make more sense. Instead, the world gets crazier and crazier.  Maybe things never did make any sense. Maybe we just pretend they do, and I’m only getting old enough to appreciate that.

I don’t get the impression that people are fretting much about the immense cost of the war, and I don’t here many people talking about all the money the government spends on corporate welfare. But plenty of people are deeply concerned about the cost of universal health care, and because of Michael Moore’s movie Sicko that topic points to France, where they evidently get good universal health care. France also pays for the privilege, and now runs a debt of around $15.6 billion.

This came to my attention courtesy of Greg Saunders:

$15.6 billion! That would be scary if we weren’t spending that much money every month in Iraq. In France, they’re willing to go into debt to keep their citizens from dying of preventable diseases and injuries. Here in America, we save our debt for wars and tax cuts.

I mean, if we’re not careful the U.S. might wind up spending some of its wealth on people with legitimate human needs.

Our priorities are so messed up, it’s dehumanizing. Vonnegut would know what to say if he was still around. In fact, he did say it, many times, while he was with us. But he was “counterculture,” which means that most people weren’t listening to him.

And now people will probably call Michael Moore “counterculture” too, and then they can ignore what he says, because it’s so much easier than thinking or feeling.


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