Book ‘n’ Movie Roundup

I read a book called “Between the Bridge and the River” by Craig
Ferguson.  I’m a big fan of his.  It was hard to
believe that he had actually written a book, a NOVEL — he just doesn’t
have that sort of an image on TV.  But I thought it was wonderful,
funny and literary in a good way.  All the way through I imagined him
reading the audio version in his Scottish accent and it seemed that
much funnier.

I saw some interesting DVDs last weekend.

“Hot Fuzz” — I quite enjoyed this, but Reid thought it got too
serious in the second half and turned into too much of a conventional
crime thriller.  Admittedly it’s risky to make a comedy with a high
body count.

“Death Proof” — It’s disappointing that
“Grindhouse” is being released piecemeal on DVD, when the original
theatrical release included two movies and assorted extra material.  I
never quite know how to take Quentin Tarantino — he’s like the friend
whose conversation is a constant stream of sarcastic commentary so that
you can’t tell when they’re saying something seriously, if ever.  And
his movies are always so stylized and unrealistic that they only work
for me as comedies.  His dialogue is hilarious in a completely
contrived way and there’s only a minimum amount of heartfelt feeling. 
But he’s entertaining and unpredictable, so I give him a pass for being
so shallow.

“Blades of Glory” — A surprisingly funny movie
that’s stupid without pounding you over the head with its stupidity. 
Like Roger Ebert said, you can’t argue about funny — you either
laughed or you didn’t.  I did.


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