Surprise of the day

The inventor of Fritos was a nutrition enthusiast and vegetarian.

NPR : The Birth of the Frito

When he invented the Frito, C.E. Doolin imagined them as a side dish, a handful to be served with soup and salad to complement a meal. He never imagined anyone would consume an entire king-size bag. He rarely ate them.

And if he brought them home, he would have grabbed them off the conveyor belt before they were salted. The Doolins were vegetarians, and barely touched salt. Kaleta Doolin took figs and yogurt in her lunch to school, not Fritos.

So, what was the idea of inventing Fritos anyway? Those things, and the rest of the Frito-Lay snack food family, were designed to massacre wide swaths of the populace with their irresistible deliciousness. Not only are humans hard-wired for stupidity, they’re also hard-wired to put on weight as a hedge against starvation. Apparently, Doolin’s plan was to make lots of money while eliminating any competition for the available vegetable supply.

Weight loss gurus the world over owe him a debt of gratitude.


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