Culture clash

We get visitors in our office all the time, but the lady coming in tomorrow had some people thrown into a special kind of tizzy.

Because she’s coming for a “working lunch” meeting.

And she needs a kosher meal.

“Because she’s Jewish,” the guy from the main office told me, as if there was another reason to need a kosher meal.

We were advised by an advance person that a green salad would be adequate. An immediate effort was mounted to locate a jew to serve as consultant. The big challenge there is to make sure the dressing is kosher, and that the salad doesn’t accidentally include, for instance, bacon bits or broccoli.

One office executive was overheard to say, “See, this is why we advanced to Christianity.” He then went on to tout the virtues of a really good smoked bacon.

The whole thing gave me a Borat flashback. Any minute now I expect to be asked to obtain a jar of gypsy tears in case of emergency.

One of the people in the office said she didn’t know what kosher meant. I’m not sure if she was saying she didn’t know the word or didn’t know what the rules were.

That poor lady—I hope nobody tries to convert her while she’s here.


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