Stray thought

There’s disagreement about comparing tobacco with marijuana.  Isn’t one much worse than the other because it’s illegal?  Maybe so, maybe not.  You might be tempted to give tobacco the benefit of the doubt because it hasn’t been outlawed—yet.  But for the sake of discussion, let’s say that both are on the list of things you’re better off avoiding.

Assuming that pot isn’t more likely to kill you than tobacco—not that wild an assumption—then tobacco could be compared to some hypothetical alcoholic beverage, one that attacks your body and ruins your health but fails to get you drunk.

If there were such an imaginary form of liquor, it would probably be dismissed as useless, all the costs of drinking with none of the benefits.  By the same token, tobacco can ruin your health but can’t get you high.  Which frankly leaves me at a total loss to explain why it’s taking so long for the popularity of tobacco to drop, or why smokers defend their habit so bitterly.


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