Black Friday

They don’t call it Black Friday because it’s the day many retailers expect to get into the black for the year. They call it that to describe your mood if you’re crazy or optimistic enough to venture out into the crowds for soe shopping on the day after Turkey Day. One Black Friday is enough to darken your holiday spirits until sometime in February.

Now I see that JCPenney will be opening their doors Friday morning at—good grief—4:00 a.m. For you military types, that’s O-dark-hundred. Even farmers and werewolves are not abroad in the land at that hour.

Okay, let’s say you’re not crazy. You are going shopping on Black Friday for perfectly sensible reasons. Even if you’re not insane, everybody else in the stores will be. And the picture of humanity that will pass before your eyes will leave a stain on your soul. But you go ahead and do what you feel you must. I’m just saying.


One Response to Black Friday

  1. stillhere4u says:

    “Black Friday” illustrate the extent that business interests have interlarded themselves in our society. I mean, look at why “black” is used. Some stores have even begun Wed Xmas sales before Thanksgiving. I recommend the following post:

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