Want some pie?

ALPHA: You want some pie?

BETA: That sounds good.  What kind is it?

ALPHA: Strawberry rhubarb.

BETA: Really?  I’ve never had that before.  What’s it like?

ALPHA: I don’t know what you’re asking.  It’s like pie.  If you like pie, you’ll probably like it.

BETA: Okay … well, I don’t know.  Strawberries I like.  Not too sure about the rhubarb.  What is that, anyway?

ALPHA: It’s just a vegetable.  Kind of tart.  Goes good with strawberries.

BETA: Well, I never heard of it.  It’s a little strange for me.  Unusual.  Exotic.  Alien.

ALPHA: Tasty.

BETA: Yeah, says you.  I detect a hint of pro-rhubarb bias.

ALPHA: Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with it.  Just because you’re not used to the idea—

BETA: You got anything else?

ALPHA: Not really.  I could always go out in the yard and whip up a mud pie for you if—

BETA: Okay, I’ll have some of that.

ALPHA: That?  What, mud pie?

BETA: Yeah.

ALPHA: I assume you’ve had mud pie before.

BETA: Oh, many times.

ALPHA: And did that ever work out well for you?

BETA: No.  That’s not the issue.  There’s a principle involved.

ALPHA: The strawberry rhubarb is right here.  It’s perfectly good.  You’ll like it.

BETA: But I never had it before.  Too much of a risk.  At least I’ve had mud pie before.  Not since I was three, but still.  There’s something to be said for familiarity.

ALPHA: Even if the thing you’re familiar with is not an acceptable alternative?

BETA: That’s your opinion.

ALPHA: But you admit the mud pie sucks.

BETA: But I’ll know what I’m getting.  It will suck to a known degree.

ALPHA: [Sighs]  Suit yourself.  Can I ask you something else?

BETA: Sure.

ALPHA: Are you voting for McCain?

BETA: Yeah!  How did you know?

ALPHA: Lucky guess.


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