I hate being made hopeful

Kevin Drum makes an interesting point:

Here’s a remarkable thought: John McCain was almost certainly the Republican Party’s strongest candidate this year. Any of the others would be doing even worse right now. If Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani had won the nomination we’d be heading toward the biggest landslide in half a century.

We’ve heard a lot of people second-guessing the Obama nomination, and the same with both sides choices for running mate. There’s been nothing much said about someone else being a better choice than McCain — apparently there’s a general agreement that he was the best they could do.

It looked to me like the Repubs were thrown off their playbook when they found out they weren’t running against Hillary.  And they never did regain their stride, mainly because Obama didn’t allow it to happen.  If you’re a conservative commentator, and your guy just lost the election, you’re going to have a challenge coming up with the Monday-morning-quarterback line about what they could have done to save themselves.


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