We’re off the map.

Bing is trying to throw me a hint that the system is broken:

At this point I believe that Wall Street and our entire stockholder-centric culture is killing American business. What’s good for investors is not always good for the companies and the workers who have to live in the system, not just feed off it after paying a small price for admission. Is it possible, that at some time in the future, the welfare of the companies we serve could be divorced from the fear, the greed, the feral hysteria of the securities marketplace?

The whole thing is worth reading.

I don’t know how you accept this conclusion — which makes perfect sense as he explains it — without concluding further that the capitalist system we’ve been told to put our faith in all these many decades is constructed in such a way that it can’t work.  Some people have been saying this all along, and they have been dismissed as kooks by the mainstream.  Nobody wants to admit this, not even Bing, because that would force us into unknown territory.

But we’re already in unknown territory.  Some of the landmarks look familiar, and others look like they dropped in from an alternate universe.  We are off the map.  Maybe I’m wrong about people being a lot crankier this year, but if I’m right, this could be the reason.


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