The War on — what, now?

Note to put-apon Christians: Hang in there. Someday we’ll have a Christian in the White House, and then things will be different!

Brilliant at Breakfast points out that the “War on Christmas” does not exist:

Conservative Christians have elevated feeling persecuted to an art form in this country. Their leaders rake in the cash and build megachurches and become TV stars and write bestsellers. But they are the ones who are besieged. When was the last time a Christian in this country was beaten to a pulp and tied to a fence to die in this country just because he was Christian? When was the last time someone told a Christian that his very being was an affront to all that is decent and holy? When was the last time that a Christian wasn’t allowed to marry whom s/he chooses?

The great thing about a War on Christmas is that when you get tired of it, you can just declare yourself the victor and go home.


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