Almost forgot to be angry at these guys

There are so many legitimate targets of outrage these days, it’s easy to lose track of one or two along the way.

Big Tobacco Court Appeal Up In Smoke – CBS News

(CBS/AP) The Supreme Court on Tuesday threw out a cigarette maker’s appeal of a $79.5 million award to a smoker’s widow, likely signaling the end of a 10-year legal fight over the large payout.

In a one-sentence order, the court left in place a ruling by the Oregon Supreme Court in favor of Mayola Williams. The state court has repeatedly upheld a verdict against Altria Group Inc.’s Philip Morris USA in a fraud trial in 1999.

The judgment has grown to more than $145 million with interest.

Tobacco is a great business to be in, if you don’t mind making your money by causing your customers pain and disease.

I got into an argument once with a guy who claimed there were benefits to smoking. Years later I found out that was true. Apparently smoking reduces the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. (One half-sarcastic theory is that smokers are less likely to live long enough to get Alzheimer’s.)

At the time the guy’s argument was that smoking calms and focuses the mind. I replied that it might be a better idea to try all the stuff that calms and focuses a person’s mind and doesn’t also rot your body from the inside out.


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