Revenge of the Comment of the Day

June 11, 2009

A new treatment for cancer? | MetaFilter

You can say what you want about snake oil, but once I rubbed it on my snake it completely stopped the squeaking.


Comment of the Day

June 10, 2009

knives in bed, rocks in head | MetaFilter

Also, there is a condition whereby some people achieve great success from humble beginnings, believe that they did it totally on their own, and so expect that everyone else can do the same with no assistance needed. There’s a similar thing with addiction — addicts who get themselves clean and find themselves looking down on the “weak” ones who have more trouble.

Quote of the day

June 9, 2009

Jesus who? | MetaFilter

One wonders why the God in the Bible, who created and controls the entire universe, was so fixated on such a geographically limited area of this planet, and only during a very brief window of time.

People want to live their lives according to what a bunch of crazy, middle-eastern religious zealots said 2000 years ago? I don’t even trust the crazy, middle-eastern religious zealots of today.