We own the company! Um … hurray?

July 6, 2009

Charlie Brooker at The Guardian finally settles the disagreement between non-believers and believers:

God/no God? No God. We’re all freelancers. Some of us may choose to sit in imaginary offices from time to time, pretending to receive memos from our made-up boss, or enjoying watercooler conversations about the loving/vengeful/forgiving nature of our fictional chief with our colleagues, but no matter how many hours we clock up, it doesn’t alter the fact that no one’s actually running things on the top floor. This is good news. We own the company!

I don’t mind owning the company, but I don’t want to open myself up to any legal liability. Therefore, I declare the standard LaSosNik disclaimer to be in full effect: I am not responsible for anything, real or imaginary, whether connected to me or not.

There. That ought to do it.