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Going hungry in the USA | MetaFilter

Here’s a funny thing. When I say funny I mean funny in the way that The Joker would say it was funny.

If the U.S. government bought a lottery ticket tomorrow and won, and then Obama said every cent of that money would be used to buy food for poor families, I am absolutely certain that the teabaggers would call him a socialist and denounce the move as “socialized shopping” or some equally asinine phrase. Now here’s the funny part:

We could get…ten, twenty lottery tickets worth of money out of canceling bullshit military research projects *alone*. And the reason we don’t is because everyone in D.C. is afraid of the people who would denounce socialized shopping if they got the chance. Americans live in a country where siphoning money from nonsense research about how to build a gun that best compensates for your tiny penis towards feeding children who don’t get enough to eat is a political liability. I’m laughing and I don’t know why because it’s not funny.


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