Do magazines really want readers?

My subscription to The New Yorker runs out soon, and … well, I think they like me better than I like them. Or is it the other way around?

I know things have changed in the magazine business, but the renewal offer I got in the mail is one I can definitely refuse. I’m used to getting a decent discount from them in exchange for my not letting my subscription expire.  This time they offered me the same rate anybody can get by going straight to their web site.  There’s no reason for me not to let it run out, because if I change my mind later I can get the same deal any time.

Besides, $40 for one year is a little more then it’s worth to me, and $70 for two years isn’t much better.

So what am I supposed to think?  Are they taking my loyalty for granted?  Or are they giving me the hint that I should just go away and keep my money for pedestrian needs like food and shelter?


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