Anti-Hatriot comment of the day

They probably refer to themselves as ‘Freedom Fighters’ | MetaFilter

I am particularly disgusted by the hypocrisy of these Tea Party/Republican/right wing lunatics, who demand that a Republican President (such as George W. Bush) must be respected by people of all political persuasions as the legitimate and duly elected President of the whole country, and who believe that laws passed by a Republican administration or a Republican dominated Congress must be respected by all Americans as the legitimtate law of the land, but if Democrats get elected, then loyal Republicans must oppose their actions by every means possible including armed revolution of all else fails. Republicans never believed in democracy in the first place. Democracy exists precisely so that people of differing political opinions do not have to settle their differences by violence, because they can have elections instead. If these nut jobs have their way, all political arguments in the future will be settled only by coups d’etat, and no one will even bother with elections anymore.

Why do the Teabag Terrorists hate our freedom?


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