Area man sends harshly worded email to local politician

After receiving a couple of total BS emails from Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins this morning, I sent this message through her web site:

Your office is doing a terrible job of keeping contact with your constituents. Here’s what happened to me.

I sent your office an email making clear that I disagree with Ms. Jenkins’s position on defunding ACORN. I received a robo-reply that assumed the exact opposite.

This kind of sloppy communication is clearly not in the best interests of the district.

I have no way to know if Ms. Jenkins has a policy of insulating herself from opposing points of view, or if her office staff is simply inept. Maybe it’s something else.

In any event, Ms. Jenkins has made it clear to me that as long as she remains in office, I will have no effective representation in Congress.

The other email from her was a lot of rightwing boilerplate about “energy independence”—the fairy tale they use to sell a policy of aggressive drilling and mining.  I didn’t bother to respond to that one, yet.  If I get another reply from her office, thanking me for my support, it’ll confirm my suspicions about exactly how completely FOS she is.


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