Media comment of the day

Jaime Weinman (the Canadian TV critic, not the guy on Mythbusters) responds to the Larry King announcement:

And I’ll say this: King at his hackiest was never as hacky as the comedians making jokes about his age. I mean, we get it: he’s over 70, and apparently old people don’t belong on TV or something.

Larry King, who admittedly seems to have been coasting in recent years, at least has a body of work to coast ON. Too many people in the public eye these days are trying to start out in coast mode—including most reality show “stars” and a disturbing number of aspiring politicians.

I have my own complaints about the King show, but they are beside the point I’m trying to make now.  I’m not trying to defend him either.  I think his show outlived its sell-by date.  But people should keep in mind that the simple act of stepping in front of a camera and speaking to people you can’t see is so difficult that 99 percent of people would never be able to do it.


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