Shoot the Bull First and Ask Questions Later

September 21, 2012

People who hate Obama seem determined to make his tenure in office appear as scandal-plagued as the Bush administration was. That’s why, regular as clockwork, they pop up with some new charge that proves Obama is up to no good. This never ends well:

Another Conservative Conspiracy Theory Bites the Dust | Mother Jones

For over a year, it’s been an article of faith on the right that Fast & Furious was a carefully constructed scheme directed by the White House to trash the Second Amendment and build support for more gun control laws. It wasn’t. Neither the White House nor Eric Holder had any idea what was going on. It was just a local operation that was badly botched. This makes Fast & Furious offically yet another lunatic conservative conspiracy theory that has bitten the dust in the cold light of reality.

Now, suppose you were a cop. There’s a guy who comes into the station every week to report that his next door neighbor is involved in some illegal activity. These reports never, ever check out, but it’s your job, and you have to try to run them down anyway. And every week the guy comes back with a different story, crazier and more paranoid than the last one, but this time it’s true, for sure.

How long would you allow that to continue before you summarily kicked out the guy the minute he showed his face at the station? How long before you give up the idea that you need to pretend, at least, to take the guy seriously?

The modern GOP makes a lot more sense once you realize it’s being run by Dale Gribble.