Comment of the Day

A comment from Stonekettle Station: NPR, Ayn Rand, And The Zombies From Outer Space

The people who want government help are the 1%. The rest of us just want an honest day’s wage for an honest day’s work, we want studying hard and working hard to be worth something again, like it was during this nation’s glory days when you worked hard and you retired with a pension and you had a good life, as long as you did everything you were supposed to do (study, work hard, etc.). The stats show that’s not true today. The grifter class, the top 1%, are taking everything and leaving only crumbs for the 99%.

End of comment.

So of course, the 1% are eager to paint the 99% as a mob of lazy welfare hogs—and why? Because the thief can often elude detection by pointing and yelling, “Hey! Look at that thief! He’s getting away!”


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