The right to vote is reserved for people who can imitate farm animals.

Over at Stonekettle Station, Jim Wright gives us a brutally funny takedown of Ayn Rand in NPR, Ayn Rand, And The Zombies From Outer Space. Here’s just one of many worthwhile takeaway quotes:

Like [L. Ron] Hubbard, Rand was basically a mediocre science fiction writer who started to believe in her own press releases and ended up founding an anti-religion composed of garrulous glassy-eyed fanatics.

I guess one of the problems I always had with “libertarianism”—and Scientology, for that matter—is that the documentation most often cited to support it comes from bad pulp fiction. And I love pulp fiction, but you can’t base a political philosophy on it. At least you shouldn’t.

Although I do have a great idea for a utopian civilization based on “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?”


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